It’s now easier than ever to create a bespoke, personal wedding or civil ceremony. You can get married in a castle, a pub, your parents’ back garden or a tree house. Your guests can wear wellies and party the night away to folk bands in a field or dress up to the nines and dance to jazz in a stately home.

And now you can personalise your wedding readings too. No more choosing from lists of ‘approved’ poems, trawling the web for inspiration or settling for a reading which isn’t really ‘you’. No more choosing a poem only to hear it read at a wedding two weeks’ before yours! Now you can add a truly unique element to your celebration.

Whether you are looking for poetry or prose, a formal sonnet or free verse, commissioning a bespoke reading is the answer. With a few emails or a phone call to find out what you want, I will produce a reading in the style of your choice which reflects your relationship and your personalities.

To find out more, just email