A sea change turns the weather round
And causes waves to lift:
A fundamental,
Continental shift.

These ripples that you feel today
Were born then, at the start,
When you first caught
My eye and wrought
A sea change in my heart.


Sea Change was recently chosen by Ian McMillan as a runner up in the Guernsey International Poetry Competition 2016. The most exciting thing about this is that it means the poem will be displayed on the side of a bus! An actual bus. In my fantasy of how this will look, I feature as Sarah Jessica Parker in the title sequence to Sex and the City, glancing up all startled from my effortlessly stylish strut to see my work trundle past on the number 37. Except instead of New York it will be in Guernsey, which is deeply pleasing. Sadly it’s too far for me to go to snap a photo of this momentous event, but if anyone else has the chance, please, please send me one.

This poem started life in the same way asĀ The Water of Life, which is to say, as a reaction to the dearth of personal, not-been-done-before wedding readings available. It was one of two I wrote in exasperation when I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill for my own wedding and, although it was not the one eventually chosen to star, it’s gone on to fame and fortune in the Channel Islands. Well, fame, anyway.

It just goes to show that a good poem is never wasted. It’s just waiting for the right moment to shine.